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Paste Museum, Real del Monte, Hidalgo

A Cornwall native, the pasty arrived at Real del Monte in the nineteenth century, with the British miners who came to work the Hidalgo State mines. Here, renamed as paste, it became so popular that since 2012 has its own museum.

When visiting the Paste Museum, the first thing to do is enter to the Interactive Room where one prepares his own paste. A choice: English classic meat and potatoes or the traditional realmontés, black beans with chorizo.
While the paste is baked, you can see the film projected on the Media Room on the Real del Monte history, based on testimonies of the city inhabitants. Then you can visit the Historic Room where old photographs of everyday life are shown, as well as mining objects.
Although small, the Cornish Room is very interesting. It explains that the Cornwall miners, famous for their skills, have been called to work in places ranging from Real del Monte to South Africa, where they have left something of their culture. In the case of Mexico, pastes and football.
The tour ends in the Museum cafeteria, eating the paste that you prepared at the beginning, fresh from the oven. Right there you can buy a soda or coffee to accompany you paste. You can also buy pastes to carry. They are the best of Real del Monte and contain, according to the museum guide, "the three secret ingredients of the authentic realmontés paste".

Curious facts
Inaugurated on October 12, 2012, Paste Museum was visited in November 2014 by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, who prepared their paste.

Other interesting data of Real del Monte
  • The official name of Real del Monte is "Mineral del Monte" and is located in the Hidalgo State, 12 km from Pachuca and 120 km from Mexico City.
  • Real del Monte is classified as "magical town".
  • The weather is frequently cold, rainy and foggy (similar to the one of London).
  • In Real del Monte, there is a hope on-hope off bus, that departs from down town.
  • It is the place where I have seen more stray dogs in my life. The strange thing is that each one has an air of a white french poodle.

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